About us

Saltyco® is a materials science company that makes planet-positive textiles. We do this by actively healing damaged ecosystems through the innovative processes and plants we use to make our materials.

Julian Ellis-Brown | CEO


Julian is a systems thinker and design engineer. His background is wide-reaching with experience in product development, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, and design.

At saltyco® Julian focuses on aligning our planet-positive mission with partnerships and customers. Julian leads our fundraising and sales, whilst also overseeing business model development and manufacturing. As CEO he works to ensure each moving piece of SaltyCo works towards our vision for the future!

Neloufar (Nelly) Taheri | COO


Nelly is an interdisciplinary designer, strategist and maker with a background in creative business strategy. She has experience managing projects in fields ranging from social innovation and education to fashion and bio-design.

At saltyco® Nelly leads operations and logistics by working alongside each department head to build and manage a planet-positive supply chain, whilst identifying strategic partnerships and introducing business development opportunities. She also works alongside our partnered brands and clients to bring our products to market and design suitable commercialization strategies for scale.

Antonia Jara Contreras | CCO


Antonia is an innovation designer, maker & researcher with years of integrated design experience in a variety of fields ranging from interior design, digital, product development, fashion, UX/UI, and innovation consultancy. She has led and delivered on projects in sustainable development, education, health, food, retail and energy.

At saltyco® Antonia develops the material design strategy, researches, and envisions our planet-positive products to meet our customer’s every need. She leads our material development as well as our sustainable department to ensure planet-positivity throughout our entire supply chain.

Finlay Duncan | CTO


Finlay is an innovator, designer, and engineer with a background in chemical sciences. His expertise and interests are far-reaching with projects varying from material science and manufacturing design to product development and fabrication.

As head of technology, he runs our in-house facility, the HaloLab. He designed (and built!) our technology to turn planet-positive plants into planet-positive textiles. At saltyco® Fin leads our production and processing manufacturing, develops our agricultural partnerships and regenerative farming projects, and works alongside our partnered institutions to test and develop our material performance using green chemistry.

The Halolab

The Halolab  is our manufacturing facility located in Scotland where we continue to develop our ground-breaking textiles. Here, our raw material plants arrive where they are warehoused and mechanically processed to produce our high-quality material.

Our technology continues to develop with a series of partner institutions that are leading the way in biological fibre coatings and architectures.

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