How warm is BioPuff?

BioPuff® has been tested and benchmarked against well-known synthetic, plant-based and animal fibre fill materials. Its thermal insulation properties indicate that it’s comparable to 600 fill power goose down. In addition, its test results show similar thermal performance to most filling products found in the insulation market.

What is BioPuff made of?

BioPuffTM is a plant-based textile alternative to petroleum-based and animal-based fibre fillers used in the apparel industry. It is a loose/staple fibre that is mechanically processed from seed fibres. The raw plant is grown, harvested and processed all in the UK. It is made from 100% plant material.

How is BioPuff® made?

BioPuff® is manufactured in our HaloLab® facility in Scotland, using our innovative fibre-extraction process. This has been refined to minimise energy consumption and avoid the use of any harmful chemicals. All materials used in the manufacturing process are carefully selected, prioritising the protection of people and the planet.

How do I wash BioPuff® materials? 

We recommend hand washing your garments with soap or gentle detergents. Avoid all other detergents. Biological laundry detergents contain enzymes that are great for breaking down greasy and oily stains. Still, when used with natural fibres, they break down natural fibre waxes that can remove their water repellency, fibre strength and shape.

How can I buy it?

Currently, we only make b2b sales. If you would like to work with us, get in touch through our contact page.