BioPuff® is a plant-based fibre fill material designed to keep you warm without harming the environment. This alternative to animal and petroleum-based products, is created by growing plants using regenerative wetland agriculture.

BioPuff® resembles down with its cluster structure; it’s lightweight, warm, and naturally water repellent whilst also being biodegradable, carbon neutral and cruelty free.
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Cluster Structure
Cluster Structure

Goose down is incredibly warm due to its natural feather structure. Unlike any other plant-based fibre fills, BioPuff® fibres naturally come with a cluster structure that traps heat within small air pockets to retain warmth. This material harnesses the physical properties that we can only find in nature.


This novel material is made from natural fibres grown in wetland environments. Its pure cellulosic structure with SaltyCo's green-chemistry enhancements optimises it for performance. The lack of man-made chemicals makes BioPuff easy to compost and biodegrade at end-of-life.


BioPuff® has been tested and benchmarked against well-known petroleum-based, plant-based and animal-based fibre fill materials. BioPuff's thermal insulation is comparable to 600 fill power goose-down. Furthermore, BioPuff® is one of the warmest fill-to-weight ratios on the market.


This innovative material is lightweight. BioPuff® low-density property makes it suitable to insulate a variety of garments. 


BioPuff®, as the name suggests, is a high-loft, puffy material. It also has excellent recovery - reaching 90% of its original volume after compression. This makes your garments look perfectly puffed!


The fibres of this plant-based material develop a natural layer of waxes during their growth period. This natural coating improves the hydrophobicity of the material when subjected to wet weather conditions. BioPuff® will keep you dry and warm.




By actively protecting and improving biodiversity in the spaces we interact with, our products create biodiversity net gain.


We don't harm people, animals or the planet. SaltyCo understands that the world’s richness derives from the symbiosis of nature. We implement environmental stewardship, our products are vegan, and we heal rather than harm spaces.


A third of Earth's landmass is being destroyed due to poor management and over-exploitation. SaltyCo restores damaged spaces to healing environments through our regenerative agricultural practices.

End of life

Our plant-based products safely re-enter our planet by naturally biodegrading in compostable environments.
To ensure traceability, we continously assess our products and processes.


We create and nurture natural wetland environments that sequester and store large amounts of carbon. In our mission to generate impact, we source our plants from diverse healing spaces such as peatlands, marshes and grasslands.


We manufacture materials with green chemistry, responsible mechanical processes and resource  efficiency.


We explore alternative water supplies to ease the demand for freshwater sources. By using rainfed plains, waste-water runoff or pumped seawater, we avoid the dangerous impact created by over-irrigation of farmland.


By replacing your current jacket filler with
BioPuff®, you could...


Save up to 30 geese for every jacket


Reduce petroleum by 70% in every jacket


Save up to 25 litres of fresh drinking water

1  when compared to an average 500g goose-down jacket

2 when compared to an average 500g polyester jacket

Stay tuned as we continue to gather data on our impact

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