Saltyco® makes next-generation textiles, from plants that heal damaged wetlands.
BioPuff® is a plant-based
fibre fill material.
BioPuff ® is light, warm and biodegradable.
Our textiles come from plants grown in regenerated wetlands. 

pLanet Positive textiles

saltyco® re-imagines:



Supply chain

Saltyco® is a materials science company that makes planet-positive textiles. We do this by actively healing damaged ecosystems through our innovative material supply chain.

We use our “planet-positive” ethos to guide every decision and action from process to product. This is implemented through our selection of resillient crops, re-thinking of regenerative agriculture and  insetting of sustainbility into our novel technology.

It’s no longer enough to be “sustainable” nor does it cover the extent of what our planet needs.  Only through true planet-positive design can we begin to build inherent sustainability and environmental healing into the materials of the future.


8 by YOOX Powered by Saltyco: an exclusive capsule collection with a sustainable spirit
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